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The 2 day

Consultation Event

20th - 21st April 2012     


Question 1: Map 1 shows the possible sites for new Housing and Employment. Do you agree with development on those sites? 84.6%  said yes to all sites 1, responded no to development on Bonnington Walk Due to pylons, 1, concerned with housing Morris road garage site cars are already a problem, 1, thought the proposed development in Lockleaze was to dense  2, gave rear of Shaldon road one wanted an eco friendly approach


Map 2 Green Spaces Ys / No Comments Are there other sites you think should be reserved for open space?

Question 2: Poster 2 shows sites to be reserved and improved for play space, parks

Open space.  Do you agree with those sites?

84.5% agreed with all proposed 1, not happy with position of visitor centre to close to homes, 1, land behind Shaldon developed in to community woodland 1, more site for children needed especially in south of area 1, would like to see play area adjacent to Muller rd opposite Stottbury rd 1, suggestion for City farm on Purdown possible on scrub land adjacent to hospital and BT tower. They thought this would encourage local employment and food production


Map 3, Transport Traffic Links Yes / No Comments Are there other improvements to transport you think should take place?

Question 3: Poster 3 shows improvements to footpaths, cycle paths bus routes and a rail station. Do you agree with those improvements? 100%  said yes to full proposal 1, stated preferred gasometer site for railway station 1, mention a car club, 1, wanted cheaper Bus fares 1, suggested park & ride to Town, 1 suggested Sunday Bus service needs to be improved, 1, want bus terminal near new supermarket 1, wanted additional access between Bonnington Walk & John James Court 1, wanted better parking around Gainsborough sq


Map 4, Gainsborough Square Yes / No Comments Are there other changes to Gainsborough Square that you want to see?

Question 4: Poster 4 shows improvements to Gainsborough Square as the local centre for Lockleaze, including a small food supermarket. Do you agree with those improvements? 94%  agreed with the proposal 1, never agreed to more hosing on Gainsborough Square 1, stated we already have two mini markets on the Square. 1, parking space and road widening to allow delivers and not block access 4, wanted to see Gainsborough pub improved suggesting a restaurant 2, stated Zebra crossings are needed on Gainsborough Square 1, would like to see an indoor market 2, wanted to see more trees and flora


Poster  What’s it all about? Yes / No Other aims that are missing?  What else would you like to tell us?  

Question 5: Poster 5 shows a list of the main aims for improving Lockleaze: housing, open space, transport and Gainsborough Square. Do you agree with that list or are there other aims for Lockleaze that are missing? 82% agreed with the full list 1, wanted to see more sheltered Bus stops  1, waned allocation of space for self build 1, wanted a more central community building 1, would like to see a cinema  2, would like swimming pool 1, stated Lockleaze School site would be better suited to student accommodation and visitor centre and would help to bridge the gap between Lockleaze and South Glos. second option for self build would be Lockleaze senior school site if Shaldon rd was unavailable  

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